Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Day at the Beach

Since my kids were little, we have tried to make it a priority of taking a day trip to Seaside. They love the carousel, Tilt-a-Whirl, & bumper cars, as well as, miniature golf.  We recently had our day of adventure. Although my son Chris wasn't able to go and the weather was crummy, we still had a blast. 

The first stop is our favorite hat shop. Since Chris wasn't home to go with us, we brought one of our favorite people....Kiana. She is my daughter's best friend. This is Kiana, Teisha, &  Kiana.

Teisha aka Hamburger and Kiana aka Onion!

Next stop, the carousel. They still like riding this at their age. I must say, however, that my oldest daughter, Teisha was acting like a two year old when it stopped......she was yelling out in a little kid voice that she didn't want to get off the carousel!! LOL!! She is such a goof.

Another favorite stop is the taffy shop. When it's nice out the "CandyMan" stands on the corner singing and passing out free taffy. When you go into the shop you get the spin the "Wheel of Fortune" to win free taffy. Unfortunately we didn't get to go on the Tilt a Whirl, bumper cars, or play miniature golf....they were all closed. Maybe next time.

It was a VERY windy, misty rain kind of day, but we love the beach and had a great time together.

That's the end.